Palm Candy

Palm Candy

Health Benrfits


Palm sugar is rich in Antioxidants. Regular use of palm sugar boosts our health and protects us from free radicals which is the cause of skin ageing. It also aids in blood purification.

Common Aliments

Palm sugar is a common ingredient in cough and cold medicines. It can be sweetened in ginger tea, which is an excellent cold cure. It also has a calming impact on our neurological system due to its magnesium content.


Because palm sugar has a low glycemic index, it does not produce a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Palm sugar can be consumed by diabetics patients, and it can be treated in the same way as ordinary sugar.


The digestive system benefits from palm sugar since it aids in the digestion of food. It can be drunk after a big meal or dinner; it aids in the cleansing of the intestinal tracts and the production of enzymes that aid in the digestion of undigested food.

Electrolyte Balance

Palm sugar relieves dehydration and aids in the maintenance of electrolyte balance inside the body’s cells.


Palm sugar, which is high in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B, iron, and calcium and keeps us energised, is a great energy booster for both children and adults.


Palm sugar has a well-balanced sugar concentration. Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 are abundant in this food. Its high iron content aids in the treatment of Anemia and the treatment of PCOS in women.

Our Extra Large palm crosses are sourced from the southern region of India near the city of Ramanathapuram. They are produce by professional artisans who also produce many other hand-crafted items in palm leaf which are exported worldwide. Palm Crosses are prepared by using the young leaves of PALMYRAH PALM tree. This tree grows in tropical areas and its family name is Arecaceae.

These leaves of palmyrah is called as “Olai”. It is used for thatching, making umbrellas, fans, diaper articles, hats, etc., and its fibre is used for making baskets, brushes and brooms. . In Tamilnadu, more than 50% of palms are concentrated in the southern districts of Thoothukudi, Thirunelveli, Virudhunagar and Ramnad districts, while Thoothukudi district alone has a major share of 10 million palms. These palm trees provides opportunity for increasing the employment and also provide a source of income to the poor in the rural areas since ancient days.

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